Custom Ai Libraries

All in one Ai Platform for your business.

Your team 100x More efficient



Custom Builds with Pre-Prompted Ai Tools For your Business

Give your team the best Ai Experience with our custom Ai portal trained on your company and products. We make it easy to adopt and use new technology with an easy-to-use interface and ongoing support and training. 

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Are you paying for your teams Ai Subscriptions? 

Your custom Ai Library is a LLM that uses the best Chat Models in the Industry. You’ll get access to ChatGPT4, Gemini Image Pro, Perplexity Ai search and Anthropic Products. 

You don't need separate subscriptions for any of these models. 

Custom Prompt Library

Your Ai Library comes with up to 20 custom prompts for your business, customers and products.

No need to learn how to prompt or become a prompt engineer.

Ai Subject Matter Experts

Ai Coaches for your team trained on your internal materials, goals and brand. 


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An Ai library is a custom website full of pre-prompted Ai Tools for your business. We will provide you with a comprehensive Ai Library that consists of up to 10 tools to enhance your marketing efforts, sales and prospecting, as well as training

On Going Training & Support with The Ai Club Society

With your monthly fee you get access to the Ai Club Society

  • Over 50 On-Demand Training Courses
  • New Content Updated Bi-weekly
  • Ai Community & Events
  • Access to 1500 Prompt Collection