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From webinars to email templates, these resources make it easy to share Jam Ai's On-Demand Training and Tools with your community and earn more as a Partner.

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What Are we Selling Exactly? 

Great question! The Ai Club Society gives people access to use ChatGPT, Perplexity, Claude and Google Gemini. It also has over 75 On Demand Training videos, tools and templates to upskill on all things Ai!

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  • Ai Sales 101
  • Ai Marketing 101
  • Prompting 101
  • ChatGPT Mastery
  • 1000+ Prompts & Tools
  • Ai Author Program
  • Ai Revenue Streams


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🌟Meet Emily. Jam Ai Affilate Partner.🌟

Imagine this: Emily is on track to earn close to $16,000 a year, and she's doing it by dedicating just a couple of hours a week to her Jam AI side hustle. Yes, you read that right—a couple of hours a week! While managing her household and taking care of her family, she's found a way to secure her financial future. Her story isn't just motivational; it's a vivid illustration of the transformative power of Jam AI's Affiliate Program.

Are you prepared to carve out your own success narrative with just a few hours a week?

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🚀 Sophia's Two-Month Earnings: An Astonishing $2,520! 🚀

Sophia, a recent college graduate, was at a crossroads. With a degree in hand but no clear career path, she was searching for something that would not only pay the bills but also ignite her passion. That's when she stumbled upon Jam AI's Affiliate Program. Intrigued by the transformative potential of AI and the buzz it's creating in every industry, Sophia decided to dive in headfirst.

As a Jam AI Partner, Sophia enjoys a 30% lifetime commission for every new referral that stays active past their trial period. Plus, the allure of AI is undeniable—it's the buzzword everyone's talking about, making it incredibly easy to get people interested and signed up.

🔥 Projected Yearly Earnings with Lifetime Commissions: Over $40,000! 🔥

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