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Ai Club GPT is an all in one platform that is trained on SMB needs. 

The Ai Club GPT is a LLM that uses the best Chat Models in the Industry. You’ll get access to ChatGPT4, Gemini Image Pro, Perplexity Ai search and Anthropic Products. 

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Ai Club GPT features & functionality

Whether you're an entrepreneur eager to streamline your business, a professional looking to upgrade your skills, or someone who wants to leverage technology for personal growth, the Ai Club GPT is perfect for you

Ai Trained SMB Coaches. 

SMB Coaches trained on websites, databases and uploads from experts around the world. 


  • Sales 
  • Marketing
  • Business Plan Creator
  • Graphic Designers
  • Albert Einstein
  • Brain Storming

Access to Multiple Ai Models

No need to learn how to prompt or become a prompt engineer. Ai Club GPT has all the prompts SMB’s need to use Ai. 

  • ChatGPT4 (Savings $20/month)
  • Anthropic (Savings $20/month)
  • Gemini 
  • Perplexity

SMB Prompt Library

No need to learn how to prompt or become a prompt engineer. Ai Club GPT has all the prompts SMB’s need to use Ai. 


  • Customer Persona

  •  Sales

  •  Marketing

  •  Product Specific

  •  Social Media Creator

  •  Critique 

Ai Club GPT Features


  • Ai Platform that is customized for SMBs
  • Access to ChatGPT4
  • Prompt Library created for SMB functions
  • SMB based business coaches trained on sales, marketing and more. 
  • Access to over 50+ On-Demand Ai training videos and resources. 
  • @More!
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  • Access to 1500 Prompt Collection



Meet Ray, Our Ai Club Society Member Spotlight! 

Ray has been building her business from scratch. She's using Ai to create modules to read resumes and provide insights to her her clients. 

Our members are entrepreneurs like Ray all the way to corporate teams. 

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Over 250 Ai Prompts and Templates to launch your new products and take your business to new heights. Do it all faster and better with Ai. 

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