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ChatGPT Mastery

Tap into your full potential by using ChatGPT in ways you wouldn't have imagined.  

Welcome to the ChatGPT Mastery Training Program, an innovative and comprehensive course designed by Jam AI to empower business professionals, entrepreneurs, and teams with the knowledge and skills needed to leverage the cutting-edge capabilities of ChatGPT, one of the most advanced AI language models available today.


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Claire Redsun

This is my favorite AI course so far! I learned so much in just a matter of minutes. This was a total eye opener, I was using ChatGPT all wrong for so long!

Preston Bealle

All I have to say is...damn, you are good. Really good. I'm a 3-time internet advertising and e-commerce CEO and reasonably up to speed on tech, but that was quite the eye-opener. Thanks. 

ChatGPT Mastery is Just one Part of the Ai Club Society

Get access to this and over 75 Ai Modules. Skill up and impress your team! 

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Ai is not taking your job. It's the people the learn how to use it that will. 

And beyond that, this is SO fun. You'll learn how to understand ChatGPT in such a deep way that you'll be able to create business plans, prospecting funnels, marketing content that actually converts to sales and so much more. 

Here is a sneak peek at what's inside. This is just one of 7 different modules. 

Do it at your own pace and modules are added bi-weekly. 


It's like learning with your work bestie!

New Ai Tools and Modules are Added Bi-Weekly!

Ai is not going to take over your job. The people that are learning how to use Ai, just might though... 

AI can seem overwhelming and you may not have any idea where to start. Our team of Sales, Marketing and Technology experts put together our Ai Mastery course to walk you through a the first steps of getting started with Ai Tools, how to use Ai in your sales and marketing, and how to create custom Ai for your business without out any code! 

So are you ready? Learn something new and step into the future of work with us. 

Are you ready to become more productive and efficient than ever before? Let's do this! 

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Sarah Madden

VP of Marketing

I work in a fast-paced marketing role and need to stay ahead. This program delivers. It's upped my marketing game exponentially and made me the go-to AI person at work.

Mike Henderson


We're a small startup with big aspirations. The AI Mastery Program has been a catalyst for us. The sales and marketing modules? Priceless. We're scaling faster than we ever imagined.

Liz Hyatt

Etsy Store Owner

I run a successful Etsy store, but AI Mastery Program took it to another level. My marketing is planned and compete for the year and I'm scaling to other ecommerce platforms.