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Ai Club Society comes with free access to ChatGPT 4o Plus! 

Ai Club Society


Included Training & Tools:

  • Ai Sales 101
  • Ai Marketing 101
  • Prompting 101
  • ChatGPT Mastery
  • Ai Author Challenge
  • 1000+ Prompts & Ai Tools
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Access to ChatGPT 4.o, Gemini, Claude and Perplexity!

Joining the club saves you over $80/month! No need for any subscription except this one!

Ai Club GPT

Ai For Small Business & Beyond

Ai Club GPT = Access to ChatGPT4, Gemini, Anthropic, Perplexity and On-Demand Ai Training & Support with the Ai Club Society

Just $17.99/month


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Inside the Ai Club Society

With over 70 training modules across 10 comprehensive courses, you'll have everything you need to master AI tools and applications.  Join now and transform your approach to Ai. 

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ChatGPT Mastery

Gain access to advanced prompt engineering techniques, custom instructions, and powerful plugins to elevate your productivity and creativity. Sign up now and transform your AI interactions into a seamless and effective experience.

Ai Marketing 101

Transform your marketing strategy with Ai Marketing 101! Learn how to leverage AI tools to automate campaigns, generate leads, and optimize performance. Sign up today to discover the future of marketing and stay ahead of the competition.

Ai Sales 101

Boost your sales performance with Sales 101! Discover proven techniques and AI-driven tools to enhance your sales strategy, close deals faster, and exceed your targets. Enroll now to master the essentials of successful selling.


1000+ Prompts & Tools

Accelerate your productivity with over 1,000 expertly crafted Ai prompts and 50+ powerful tools designed for real estate, small businesses, startups, franchises, and more. Sign up now to streamline your operations and unlock the full potential of Ai!


Ai Author Program

Become a published author with the Ai Author Program! Access cutting-edge Ai tools and expert guidance to craft compelling content, from books to blogs. Sign up today and turn your writing dreams into reality with the power of Ai.


Prompting 101

Ready to unlock the true power of Ai? Join Prompting 101 and learn the secrets to crafting spot-on prompts that get you amazing results. Sign up now and let's take your Ai game to the next level together!


Ai Club Society from Jam Ai

Everything Ai in one place! Ai Club Society is about creating a learning environment that is not intimidating or exclusive to tech minded people. We bring Ai into your work and personal lives to make life easier.  Membership includes access to Ai Tools to for work and life and On-Demand training. New modules and Ai tools are added bi-weekly!



Our most popular plan

  • Ai Brand Creation
  • Ai Tools for Work
  • On Demand Ai Training¬†
  • How to use ChatGPT better than anyone
  • Custom Chatbot Creation
  • Ai Library Creation
  • Access to Ai Coffee Chat
  • New Modules & Tools added bi-weekly
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Membership means unlimited access

Over 50 Ai Tools, Hundreds of Modules and Downloads, the Ai Club Society has all you need to use Ai like a pro. 

See a class you want to try or a tools you want to use? With your membership you have access to it all! 

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Ai Author Program from Jam Ai

Use our custom Ai tools and program to author and publish a book in 30 days! Our easy to use Ai will walk you through the prep, chapter writing and even the publishing process. 

The perfect way to try ChatGPT and other Ai, no experience needed! Join our crew of published authors today! 

Access Includes

Become a Writer by Next Month

Join our group of Ai Authors

  • No ChatGPT Platform Needed
  • Assistants for planning & discovery
  • 22 Chapter writing assistants
  • On-Demand training to publish& sell your book on Amazon
  • Comes with Access to the Ai Club Society
  • Create income with your book!
Included in the Ai Club Society

Learning Ai means unlimited income streams

In the Ai Club Society we will teach you how to create and run businesses using Ai. Writing a book is just one example!

With your purchase to the Ai Author Program you will get access to the Ai Club Society and our Ai Book Club. 

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Custom Ai For your Business

Give your team the best Ai Experience with our custom Ai portal trained on your company and products. We make it easy to adopt and use new technology with an easy-to-use interface and ongoing support and training. 


Imagine all of your Ai tools in one place accessible for your entire team creating efficiencies like ever before! 

Want to make your team more efficient and empower them with an Ai Library? 

Let's talk! 

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Custom Ai Team Training & Workshops 

Empower and Upskill your team with a fun and interactive custom training. We meet you where you are and create workshops specifically aligned with your team's need. 

Educate your team so they feel Empowered not Intimidated

Demystify Ai with our two part training will leave your team feeling empowered and excited to use Ai to be more efficient than ever before. 

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Custom Ai Training For Your Team

In-Person or Zoom Training Available. 

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Freebies & Ai Tools

Take what you need and get up to speed

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What's Inside The Ai Club Society? 

Join the club and embark on your AI journey with a robust foundation, featuring over 50 AI tools, and hundreds of modules and prompts designed to kickstart your path to AI mastery.

For the seasoned AI enthusiasts, we've got an advanced suite of AI tools and training to elevate your skills even further. Ready to see it in action? Check out this example video to glimpse the next level of AI proficiency.

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Sales Training with Ai


  • What Is Ai
  • Find Customers & Competitors
  • Prospecting with Ai¬†
  • Using Ai For Pitches
  • Negotiation & Training
  • Closing the deal
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Marketing with Ai


No need for a PR and Marketing team anymore. 

  • How to Create Images & Video with Ai
  • Using ChatGPT for Marketing
  • Ai for Websites & Logo Development
  • Ai for Digital Marketing & Paid Search
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Custom Ai For Your Business

Ready to create custom automations for your company?

  • Learn how to create an Ai Library with custom pre-prompted chatbots
  • Use ChatGPT with custom instructions for your company
  • Use Zapier to automate your sales & marketing tasks
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Let’s Jam! Join the fun and become a member of the Ai Club today!

We teammed up with Sales & Marketing Executives along with AI developers to understand how we can use AI in our everyday lives at work and at home. Our 40 hour work weeks are no more. We are getting more done in less time and seeing profits roll in.  We've made it our mission to bring this revolution to you.
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 Kent Fraizer CEO, Fully Human

"Jam AI has revolutionized my workflow. What used to take hours now takes minutes, allowing me to focus on what truly matters." -

Jennifer, CMO

"Since incorporating Jam AI into my daily routine, I've reclaimed precious time, automating the repetitive tasks and focusing on strategic activities that drive real value for my organization." - 

Sarah Schrieber- CEO Friend Assembly

"Jam AI is a game-changer. The AI tools and training have not only saved me time but significantly enhanced my overall productivity."

Connie Martin-Miller

"Jam AI has helped me re-brand and launch my business with ease. No stress, just Ai."

Heather Burmester, PM

"The AI tools at Jam AI have been a revelation, helping me streamline complex processes and achieve exceptional results in my role."

Sherwood Neiss, Crowdfund Capital Advisors

I'm amazed by jamAI! Its simplicity allowed me to dive right in and start seeing immediate results ‚Äď exactly what I needed.

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