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Ai Marketing 101

Elevate your digital marketing skills with Ai Marketing 101, a comprehensive program designed to enhance your proficiency in creating engaging content, defining brand identity, and leveraging Ai tools for marketing. With access to ChatGPT, Ai Image Creation, and Dalle through Ai Club GPT, this program offers a deep dive into the practicalities of generating captivating images, establishing a compelling brand presence, and utilizing Ai in digital marketing strategies. Ideal for marketers seeking to upskill, this program provides hands-on experience in art generation with Midjourney, exploration of digital marketing tools, and insights into crafting narratives for videos and social media. Prepare to transform your digital marketing capabilities and embrace the future of Ai-powered marketing


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  • Create Your Brand with Ai

  • Learn how to create stunning Images and Visuals with Midjourney and DALLE

  • Create Videos with Ai

  • Avatar Creation

  • Podcast Scripting and Creation¬†


An In-depth dive into Midourney. How to access it, use it and what are people creating with Midjourney? 

Ai is not taking your job. It's the people the learn how to use it that will. 

Ai Club Society Gives you Access to Ai Club GPT which gives you access to ChatGPT, Gemini, Perplexity and Anthropic products. You'll be more efficient than ever before! 



Ai is not going to take over your job. The people that are learning how to use Ai, just might though... 

AI can seem overwhelming and you may not have any idea where to start. Our team of Sales, Marketing and Technology experts put together our Ai Mastery course to walk you through a the first steps of getting started with Ai Tools, how to use Ai in your sales and marketing, and how to create custom Ai for your business without out any code! 

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