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Here is what to expect and how to work  with the Ai models inside. 🌟



Quick Guide

ChatGPT: Use to have conversations and create content. Use with the prompt library and characters/coaches. 

Gemini Pro Vision: Upload images and charts and then ask questions about them. 

Perplexity: Ai Search: Find articles, information and news all translated by Ai with link to the relevant source. 

Claude: Have human like conversations and discuss ethical considerations. This is a more human like Ai content creation tool. (This tool is often finicky, if it doesn't work try again later. )

What if I get an error code?

Two reasons. 

1. You have used your allowed tokens. Our system is built off of API's from Open Ai, Google, Anthropic and Perplexity. They all have built in token limitations. If you reached your max, wait a few hours and come back later. 

2. The Ai is giving errors due to asking it to do something it can't do. Example: You cant ask Gemini Pro Vision to write a blog. You can't ask Claude to read a an excel file. Learn how they work and try again. 

If you get an error out side of these reasons please screen shot and explain and send to [email protected]. We respond with a resolution in 2-3 business days. 

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Blair Reeves, HomeWell

We launched our new Franchise and didn't know where to start. The Ai Start-Up Society is so helpful! I still visit the content every week to help with my marketing and sales strategy! 

Leigh-Anne Moody, Marketing Director

I'm so impressed with the amount of content in the Ai Start-Up Society. I haven't even scratched the surface but have what I need. 

Patrick Ness, Sales

I wasn't sure I could use Ai but the plug and play tools made it so easy for me. I'm using it for my sales program and outreach and have seen an uptick in sales month over month!