About Jam Ai

Welcome to Jam Ai! We are passionate about empowering smaller enterprises, startups, and marketing teams by integrating advanced Ai into their daily operations. Our mission is to foster heightened productivity and creative breakthroughs, enabling businesses to focus on vital human-centric tasks while our Ai solutions enrich rather than replace human interaction.

Our Mission

At Jam Ai, we believe in the transformative power of artificial intelligence. Our goal is to make Ai accessible and beneficial for businesses of all sizes, especially those with limited resources. We provide custom Ai tools, ChatGPT integrations, and dedicated training to streamline business processes, save time, and enhance productivity. With Jam Ai, your business can achieve more while maintaining the personal touch that customers value.


Products & Services

Ai Club Society: A monthly membership offering on-demand training modules in various Ai applications, including brand creation, image creation, sales training, video creation, ChatGPT mastery, and custom automations.

Ai Team Training: Custom team training sessions, available in-person or via Zoom, to empower teams to use Ai efficiently.

Custom Ai Platforms for Business: A custom platform created just for your business for your team to access. Imagine ChatGPT trained on your product, customers and business goals. It's a powerful thing! 

Speaking & Workshops: Jam has been traveling the country holding workshops and speaking about how everyone can use and embrace Ai to be more efficient. She takes away the fear of change, motivates and inspires by taking away the hypothetical Ai and giving people real use cases to take home. 

 Ai Resources

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100 ways to use ChatGPT

There are so many ways to use ChatGPT that we've never even thought of. You have to check this out!

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Start-Up Checklist & Ai Tools 

Launch your startup in super speed with this checklist and Ai Tools

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Passive Income? Yes Please!

Our experts have found 10 great ways that anyone can use Ai for passive income. Download now!

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Ai Society


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  • Ai Brand Creation
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  • How to use ChatGPT better than anyone
  • Custom Chatbot Creation
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