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Jam-Packed Business Made Easy Podcast

Jam and Flora take you inside the office to talk about everything going on with Ai, Marketing, Sales and how you can run a small business easier than ever.  

This week's episode:The Future of Parent Coaching: How AI has accelerated Connie's Business

In this episode of Jam-Packed Business Made Easy, join hosts Jam Anderson and Flora Mercury for an enlightening conversation with Connie Martin Miller, the innovative CEO of Happy Nest Parent Coaching. Discover how Connie leverages the power of AI to create engaging and effective parenting resources. 

Click "listen now" to get access to Connie's coaching materials and the ultimate Nanny/Parent Ai Resource. 

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Episode 16: How to create and sell online courses with the help of Ai

Dive deep into the world of online course creation and sales, enhanced by the power of AI!

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Episode 15: How Businesses Can Save over $100K a year using Ai

Jam runs through how small businesses can replace social media managers, video editors, blog writers and more with Ai! 

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Episode 14: Ai for Busy Moms 

ChatGPT for meal planning, scavenger hunts, book writing and more!

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Episode 13: Ai Tools for Small Businesses

A focus on Ai and the creative process for content creation. How Small businesses can use Ai tools to do more. 

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Episode 12: Faceless YouTube or TikTok

From our Ai for Revenue module Jam and Flora go in depth on how to use Ai to create faceless channels. 

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Episode 11: Is there an Ai for that? 

Flora reads off our most commonly asked questions about what Ai tools we should use and for what task!

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Episode 10: Ai Club Spotlight

Jam and Flora interview Eddie Vargas, a long time Ai Club Society Member. 

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Episode 09: Our Favorite Ai Tools

It goes way beyond ChatGPT, Listen to our favorite tools for everything Ai!

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Episode 08: Combat Mindset for Small Business

We are so lucky to have Don Mann, an epic human with a background you have to hear about to believe. 

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Episode 07: Love Fiercely

Join us as we interview the author of Love Fiercely, Kent Fraizer. 

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Episode 06: 5 Ways to Actually use Ai

What are you using AI for? Some people are unsure what using Ai means. Jam and Flora clear it up for you. 

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Episode 05: Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

Do you ever feel like you shouldn't be in the position you've earned? How can Ai help us be more confident...

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Episode 04: From bots to bucks

5 ways you can use Ai to make more money!

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Episode 03: Accountability Check-in 

How is your 2024 going so far? How can you make sure you stick to your goals? 

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Episode 02: Demystifying Ai

So many people are afraid of change. Let Jam and Flora talk you down... it's not that bad. 

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Episode 01: How to use ChatGPT better than everyone you know.

You may think you know how to use ChatGPT... but listen to this and get 10x better. 

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