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"Jam Anderson’s AI presentation was like a dazzling magic show where technology took center stage. With a charismatic flair and a sprinkle of humor, she made AI feel like our knowledgeable sidekick in the business world. We laughed, we learned, and we left thinking that AI might be the coolest thing since sliced bread. Kudos to Jam for making AI and the future of AI understandable while keeping us entertained.  I highly recommend Jam!"

Eric Stuart

VP | Life Distribution

Allegis Advisor Group

Judy Brown, MBA
Equine Support Services USA

I feel that because of Jam AI, I no longer fear artificial intelligence but embrace it. I loved the SCORE webinar and told my former, and greatly admired boss, Denise, to watch the webinar and she also loved it and joined up. She thinks you are great! Thank you so very much for making this advancement possible for me and for my business. 

Ali Shojai, Entraprenuer

I just wanted to say how much I appreciated the fantastic webinar you provided on "How to Effectively Use Artificial Intelligence in Your Business." I can now better comprehend the real-world uses of AI and how to use it to improve my company's operations thanks to your illuminating webinar on Score.org
Thank You So Much again!

Aster Sanda-Phipps, CEO

Thank you so much for your presentation today. It gave so much more ideas on how to free up my time to use chat GPT in a myriad of ways.
So grateful for your presentation!

"I've seen a lot of webinars on AI but none as rich as this! Jam gives real live examples, explains things in an easy to understand manner and brings humor and personality to the presentation to keep our attention. Thanks Jam! This was awesome!"

Jeff Minor

Professor at Utah State