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15 AI Tools Every Small Business Needs Now

May 06, 2024


Let's look at 15 AI tools that can help small businesses a lot. They make work easier, save time, and boost how much you get done. These tools are great for tasks like making content, marketing, selling, managing people, helping customers, and more.

With these AI tools, small business owners can work smarter. They don't need to do everything by hand. This lets them save time and resources. They can also make better choices and stay ahead of the competition in their field. is an advanced AI tool for making written content better. It uses natural language processing and machine learning to boost how your content connects with people. This helps small businesses grab attention and interact more with their audience. is great at making personalized intros. These grab readers from the start, leaving a strong first impression. It helps us craft openings that match what our readers like, making our content more effective.

This tool also improves our email writing. It checks our emails, giving tips to make them better. looks at their tone, clarity, and how persuasive they are, making sure our email campaigns are top-notch.

It doesn't stop there. gives us deep, data-driven insights on our content. This information is key for making smart choices to improve our content. It helps us see what's working and what's not, guiding us to do better. is also easy to use with popular platforms like WordPress and HubSpot. This makes adding AI to our content creation simple. We can use it for blog posts, website updates, and more, without extra hassle. It brings AI-powered content help right into our normal workflows.

15 AI Tools Every Small business Should use

In short, is a game-changer for small businesses wanting to up their content game. It offers AI-powered optimizations, custom intros, smart insights, and easy use with WordPress and HubSpot. This makes it a must-have for those serious about their online content.


MarketMuse is an advanced AI tool for enhancing small businesses. It automates content audits and improves content creation. It includes tools for on-page optimization, domain analysis, and content inventories. These tools offer insights and data to boost website content and increase search rankings.

It stands out for creating AI-driven content briefs at a large scale. These briefs give small businesses a roadmap for making quality, optimized content quickly. This saves time on planning and ensures content meets search engine standards and user needs.

MarketMuse's automated content audits are great for managing content regularly. They check the quality and relevance of content, suggesting where to improve. This feature saves time by removing the need for manual analysis.

MarketMuse helps small businesses connect with their audience and boost website traffic. Its AI content briefs and audits keep businesses on top in the online market.

MarketMuse also helps with on-page optimization. It finds gaps in content and recommends keyword-focused improvements. By studying competitors and trends, it guides improvements for better SEO and visibility.

In addition, MarketMuse's domain analysis looks at a website’s performance as a whole. It reviews content, links, and user experience. This allows businesses to find ways to enhance their sites.

MarketMuse Features:

  • Automated content audits
  • On-page optimization recommendations
  • Domain analysis
  • Content inventories and research workflows
  • AI-generated content briefs at scale

In general, MarketMuse is a crucial tool for boosting content, attracting organic traffic, and surviving in the digital world. It uses AI and automation for creating targeted, high-quality content.


Upmetrics is a tool that uses artificial intelligence for business planning. It's made for startup founders and small business owners. We know starting a business plan can be tough. So, our goal is to make the process easy with Upmetrics.

Our tool is cloud-based. This means teams can work together on the plan from anywhere. Whether in the office or at home, you can access and update your plans easily.

Upmetrics also provides many sample business plans. These are great for those new to planning. They offer insights and ideas for your business plan.

But that's not all. Upmetrics uses AI to help with financial forecasts. It crunches numbers to give you future financial scenarios. This way, you can plan better and see how your business might do.

“Upmetrics revolutionized the way I approach business planning. With their AI-powered features and cloud-based application, creating and managing my business plan has become effortless.” - Sarah Johnson, Small Business Owner

No matter if it's a new business or one you're growing, Upmetrics is your partner. It makes putting together a business plan smooth and structured. You won't have to spend time on calculations or design. With Upmetrics, focus on growing your business.


Small businesses need help to boost their email marketing efforts. That's where Phrasee comes in. As an AI-powered tool, Phrasee helps create catchy subject lines and email text using advanced technology.

Phrasee's AI makes email writing better. It studies lots of data to craft the right messages. This gains more opens and reads for small businesses' emails.

Create Engaging Subject Lines

Good subject lines are key to email success. Phrasee uses AI to write lines that connect with audiences. It looks at past performance to make lines that get noticed and prompt action.

"Phrasee has revolutionized our email marketing strategy. With its subject line generation feature, we have seen a significant increase in open rates and click-through rates. It's like having an AI copywriter on our team!" - Jane Smith, Marketing Manager at XYZ Company

Automated Experimentation for Better Results

Phrasee helps small businesses test and improve their email content. It automatically tries different message versions. This helps find what works best, boosting engagement and sales.

Language Insights and Performance Reporting

Knowing what words and emotions grab readers is key in email marketing. Phrasee offers insights to help businesses get their message right. This means more personal and effective emails for customers.

Phrasee also provides tools to see how well emails are doing. Businesses can track success and find ways to get even better results. It's all about smart use of data for successful email marketing.

Key Features of Phrasee Benefits
AI-powered subject line generation Increase open rates and engagement
Automated experimentation Optimize email copies for better results
Language insights Create personalized and impactful emails
Performance reporting Track and measure email campaign success

Phrasee lets small businesses do more with their email marketing. With AI, it's easier to write and test different emails. Are you ready to see the difference? Try Phrasee and watch your email marketing soar!

Crystal Knows

Welcome to the world of Crystal Knows, where AI changes how you talk to customers. It customizes communication by looking at public info to see what customers like. Getting to know your customers individually is key to doing well in business here.

Crystal Knows lets you speak directly to each customer. This AI tool gives tips, suggests ways to talk, and even fits with your email. You can make better connections and broaden customer reach.

Enhancing Personalized Communication

Crystal Knows digs deep into who your customers are. It finds their unique traits and how they like to hear from you. This helps small businesses speak more personally. The AI examines how customers write and what they share online to give you useful tips.

With Crystal Knows, you can:

  • Understand your customers' personality and how they want to talk
  • Get suggestions that are only for them
  • Blend Crystal Knows right into your email system
  • Work with your team to send the same clear message

A New Level of Customer Understanding

Crystal Knows helps small businesses get to know customers better. You learn what they like and what makes them tick. This way, your messages are more spot-on, building a stronger bond. You get the clue to keeping customers happy and loyal.

Getting these insights, you can:

  • Make every interaction more real and fitting
  • Send emails that are more likely to be read and get responses
  • Set up marketing that your audience really connects with
  • Create personal touches that boost customer joy

Celebrate how Crystal Knows boosts customer connections. Dive into knowing your audience, open up new ways to talk, and make every interaction feel special. Let Crystal Knows change your game in connecting with customers and growing your business.


Today, small businesses must keep up to succeed. InsideSales is perfect for this. It's an AI tool that helps by advanced sales strategies.

AI-powered Sales Acceleration

InsideSales turbocharges sales using AI. It predicts which leads are more likely to buy. This lets sales teams focus on the best leads, boosting sales.

Lead Prioritization

It's really good at sorting leads. AI checks many details to find the best leads. This means sales teams can work more effectively, chasing the leads most likely to buy.

Email Follow-up

Sometimes, following up through email takes too much time. InsideSales does this job automatically. It sends emails that are just right for each lead.

Predictive Analytics

InsideSales also looks at lots of data to help. It studies past sales and customer behaviors. This gives businesses the insights needed to make sales genius choices.

InsideSales is key for small businesses. It makes sorting leads, sending emails, and understanding data easy. Thanks to InsideSales, your business can make big sales gains.

Zia by Zoho CRM

Zia by Zoho CRM is your AI-powered sales assistant. It helps small businesses in their sales work. Zia streamlines tasks, making the sales process quicker and better.

Lead scoring is a big part of what Zia does. It uses AI to rank leads by interest, history, and more. This means we can spend our time on leads most likely to buy, boosting sales.

As well, Zia has workflow automation. This tool lets small businesses make their sales work smoother. It can handle entering data, sending follow-up emails, and even direct leads to your team. This leaves our salespeople more time to connect with customers.

Zia’s voice assistant is also a standout feature. By connecting Zia to our websites and social media, we’re always ready to help customers. This tool is great for offering quick, helpful support, making interactions smooth and easy.

Overall, Zia by Zoho CRM lets small businesses use AI to cut down on manual tasks. It shines in lead scoring, making workflows better, and offering voice assistant help. It’s a great fit for managing sales more efficiently.

Sniper AI

Sniper AI is great for small businesses. It uses AI to make hiring better. It saves time and works more efficiently. It matches candidate CVs to job descriptions. This makes finding the right people quicker and easier.

It cuts small businesses' hiring costs. Recruiters get to do more important work. The tool works well with other HR systems. So, it fits right into your business's current setup.

Sniper AI offers more than just matching candidates. It gives you tools to manage HR better. You get to see real-time hiring data. This helps HR teams choose the best people smarter.

You also get alerts in real time. This means you won't miss any important hiring updates. Stay on top in the job market competition.

With Sniper AI, small businesses pick the best people for their teams. It lowers costs and makes hiring more effective. It uses the latest AI to find the right match. Your employees will be happier and stay longer.

Sniper AI changes the game for small businesses. Its AI matches candidates perfectly, reduces costs, and gives you quick updates. It's the modern way to hire, making the whole process better and faster. Try Sniper AI for great hiring results.

Benefits of Sniper AI:
Automates HR tasks
Machine learning-based candidate matching
Decreased hiring costs
Real-time alerts and notifications
Customized dashboards and advanced reporting


AI tools help small businesses a lot by making work easier and boosting how much they get done. This article has shown 15 AI tools for different parts of a small company. These tools help with things like making content better, selling more, or managing staff better.

When small businesses use these AI tools, they get to avoid doing tasks over and over. They can also make smarter choices thanks to technology. This helps them do better in the market. By working more efficiently, they can focus on growing., MarketMuse, and Phrasee are just some examples of AI tools that can improve a business. Tools like InsideSales and Zia by Zoho CRM help with selling and organizing work. Sniper AI can make managing staff easier.

Using AI is very important in today's business world. It helps small businesses do their work better, be more productive, and grow steadily.


What are AI tools and why do small businesses need them?

AI tools are software that use advanced technologies to help with tasks. They also make operations more efficient. Small businesses use these tools to save time and resources. They improve decision-making and stay ahead in their fields.

What is and how can it help small businesses? focuses on making content better. It uses special technology to correct writing and make it more engaging. This tool is great for writing emails that really capture attention. It also works seamlessly with CMS platforms like WordPress and HubSpot.

What is MarketMuse and how can it benefit small businesses?

MarketMuse helps businesses make better content faster. It automates tasks like checking the performance of your words online. This saves time and helps businesses produce content that stands out. With MarketMuse, planning content becomes much easier for small businesses.

What is Upmetrics and how can it assist small businesses?

Upmetrics is a tool that makes planning a business easier. It uses the latest AI to help with creating your business plan. Small businesses benefit from being able to work on their plan from anywhere. It also has many sample plans and financial tools to help you get started.

What is Phrasee and how can it enhance small businesses' email marketing?

Phrasee makes email marketing stronger with AI. It crafts excellent email messages that get noticed. This tool helps small businesses send emails that people want to read. It also gives useful tips and reporting on how well your emails are doing.

What is Crystal Knows and how can it improve small businesses' communication?

Crystal Knows helps businesses understand their customers better. It uses AI to figure out what messages work best for each customer. With this tool, small businesses can communicate in a way that really connects with people. It makes personalizing your messages much easier.

What is InsideSales and how can it help small businesses accelerate their sales processes?

InsideSales is a platform that boosts sales with AI. It helps teams focus on the most promising leads. This allows salespeople to spend more time closing deals. It boosts sales efficiency and helps improve the way small businesses sell.

What is Zia by Zoho CRM and how can it support small businesses in their sales operations?

Zia by Zoho CRM helps small businesses sell smarter. It does this by automating key sales tasks. Zia is great for providing quick customer support and managing sales. It also makes sure no lead gets ignored, saving businesses time and effort.

What is Sniper AI and how can it benefit small businesses in HR management?

Sniper AI makes hiring easier for small businesses. It scans resumes and job descriptions to find the best matches. This saves time and ensures better hires. By using Sniper AI, small businesses can cut hiring costs and make their teams stronger.

What are some benefits of using AI tools for small businesses?

AI tools make many parts of business easier and faster. They help small businesses stand out and grow. These tools are useful in content, marketing, sales, HR, and customer service. With AI tools, small businesses can be more productive and make their customers happier.

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